Thursday, May 17, 2012


My Mother's Day gift this year? Lin was baptized and confirmed at church!

At the beginning of the school year we started making Lin attend Sunday School. We didn't force it on her last year, but this year the 7th and 8th grade Sunday School class was doing confirmation and it was really important to me that she be a part of it. She tried to protest but I really didn't give her an option, and so she's been going all year.

A few weeks ago, as Confirmation Day finally approached, it was time for her to decide whether she wanted to be confirmed or not, and if she wanted to she was expected to write a statement of faith. I told her that it was her decision, and I meant it.

Well needless to say, she chose to be confirmed! And along with that came baptism, something we really hadn't talked with her about before. I really was so proud of her! Now, I'm not that naive, I know her decision was mostly because she knew I would be disappointed if she chose NOT to be confirmed. But I can definitely tell that she learned a little something about the kindness and generosity, the sense of belonging that comes with being part of a church community.
Here's Lin in front of the pictures of the confirmation class.

All the kids made their own banners with their names and some images that symbolize themselves and what they've learned as part of the class.
Very cute... All the confirmation class gathered up front for children's time -- probably the only time Ruby and Lin will sit together for this part of the service. It's not really obvious in the picture, but Ruby was so excited that her sister was there with her!
Each student was asked to make a brief comment about their statement of faith. A number of people told me later that they were so moved to hear Lin speak -- I know for many people in our church this was the first time they'd ever heard her say anything besides "Good morning."
Baptized! Our awesome associate pastor was so cool and snapped this picture for us while it was happening!
The fam
Mmmm... cake......

They did confirmation at both services, so we sat in a different part of the sanctuary for the second service. Had to switch things up a bit, you know! Lin received some very nice gifts for her confirmation and baptism. Two beautiful necklaces from her congregational mentor as well as a bracelet, some framed inspirational quotes which she has on display in her room, some cash and a Bible with her name engraved on it.

Even though Sunday was all about Lin, it was a great Mother's Day!