Monday, July 9, 2012

A Week Away

Sorry for the long lapses between posts, but it's been a busy Summer! This week, Ma and Pa will be getting a little quiet time as both the girls are heading off to different activities. Lin is spending a week at an all-girl's camp and Ruby is spending a week with her grandparents. What will we ever do with the house to ourselves for a week. We actually talked about painting the kitchen and tearing up the carpet in our living room... ha!

Lin will be sleeping in the cabin on the right
Lin checking out the cabin and picking out her bunk for the week

Lin hanging out with some of her cabin mates

Needless to say, Ruby was a little pouty that she couldn't stay with her big sister at camp

Ruby feeling better about the world! We took her out for a nice dinner after dropping Lin off at camp

Ruby loves edamame! She even ordered edamame dumplings for dinner

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